We’re especially strong in visual analytics of big geodata. Our technology is focused on interactive visualisation of big & complex multidimensional spatial data through linked views. It relies on WebGL and uses the scalable power of multiple parallel GPUs to render millions of records in miliseconds.


GLayer is a server-side, GPU based, geo-enabled database with a rendering option that is able to store, query and render billions of records. GLayer supports SQL-like queries and provides graphical output of aggregated data such as heatmaps.

The GLayer solution is scalable by using multiple GPUs.



WebGLayer is JavaScript, WebGL based library for coordinated multiple views visualization. The library is focused on spatial data and large datasets (up to hundreds of thousands of features).

WebGLayer is an open source project. Feel free to experiment with the library yourself. InnoConnect is one of the proud contributors. 


GLayer Starter

  • Tech server-side GPU processing
  • Data source DB connector
  • Map projects max 2
  • Data size 500 000 records
  • Features Heatmap layer, point details in the map, configurable map colours, 5 filters (barchart, linear, checkbox), area selection (polygon filter)
  • Hosting
  • GLayer release current version
  • One-time startup development support 1 day

GLayer Pro

  • Tech server-side GPU processing
  • Data source DB connector
  • Map projects 10
  • Data size 200 million records
  • Features all Starter features plus unlimited filters, additional filter types (date selection, text filter, multiordinal & multilinear filters etc.), CSV export
  • Additional map layers / GIS services
  • Hosting cloud (cost not included)
  • GLayer release upgrades included
  • One-time startup development support 5 days

Prices excl. VAT