Visiting Chicago and want to stay away from areas with high criminality?

Avoid dangerous streets in Chicago!

Let’s say that you’re coming to Chicago for a longer weekend. You will be going out on Friday night and want to stay away from streets where you might get robbed. Which is not a bad idea at all, considering you will be in Chicago, isn’t it?

Open the Chicago criminality app and select the downtown area where you’re planning to stay. Out of many crime types, you can select for example thefts. Then you select Friday through Sunday and evening hours when you plan to go out. You will immediately see the map updates with the dangerous areas you should avoid. In case you wanna stay out longer, you just drag the hour filter to early morning hours to discover that there are different dangerous street at different hours of the day and night. Enjoy the night out!

Play this 20s video at to see how to interact with the filters.