Release note: Pilsen Traffic Map v2.0

We’ve just released the second version of the Pilsen Traffic Map that we build for the City of Plzeň!


The analytical map allows to analyse the traffic level in Pilsen, as measured at more than 1000 detectors in the city. At startup, the map displays an average traffic level for the current day and hour calculated from the last 30 days.

Check it at

What is new?

  • Always the latest data! Traffic data is updated every night directly from the city traffic control centre.
  • Check the traffic on any street for any day & hour since March 2017. Just pick the date from the calendar!
  • Move your mouse over any street to display details of the segment, or click to select the street.
  • Enjoy the new look and feel with the new left menu.
  • Find more details about the map under ‘About‘ and ‘Legend‘ menu items.
  • Choose your prefered language. We currently support Czech and English.
  • Don’t like the black map? Switch to the light grey scheme.
  • And yes, we store your language and map layer selection in cookies. So you do not select that again next time. Or just refuse that we use the cookies.
  • Not sure what the figures in barcharts mean? Just move your mouse over the ‘?’ icons for explanations.
  • Want to share the current state of the map with friends? Use the permalink.
  • Are you a data-person? Just export the data pre-selected in the map screen and barchart filters to .csv and enjoy!
  • Are you a traffic expert interested in traffic intensity in absolute numbers, not related to street capacity? Switch to the ‘Traffic intensity’ layer.

The map is a PoliVisu visualization. It’s built with WebGLayer by InnoConnect and SITMP.

Any feedback? Contact us.