InnoConnect’s Covid-19 Map published on the EU Open Data portal

Our interactive Map of COVID-19 spread in Czechia has just been officially published on the EU’s Open Data Portal as an application that demonstrates the potential of EU’s open data.

Visit the EU Open Data Portal

About the app: This interactive app tracks the spread of COVID-19 in Czechia. You can filter by region, sex, age and origin of infection (country). The app uses maps and charts to present data on the number of people infected by COVID-19. You can analyse the data by clicking the bar charts and by selecting regions on the map. You can also use a combination of filters to gain deeper insights. For instance, if you select a single country of infection, the app displays the distribution of cases originating from this country over time, region, sex, and age. You can also select the over-70s to display the regions with the highest number of infections among that age group.