InnoConnect delivers Traffic Safety project in Ethiopia

In November 2022, InnoConnect started working on a new traffic safety project in Ethiopia, named Safer Roads in Ethiopia through Identification of High-risk Locations. The project has been supported from the United Nations Development Programme (Czech-UNDP Challenge Fund).

Example of traffic safety map in Belgium

Road safety is a major concern worldwide. With the Traffic Incidents Analytical Map that will be developed in this project, Addis Ababa City decision makers at different levels of governance can gain data driven insights to better design, implement and evaluate measures aimed at reducing fatal and severe road accidents. The solution will allow to perform a deep analysis of traffic safety to identify high-risk locations, to get in-depth knowledge of factors that increase risk of severe accidents, and to visualise specific information about single accidents.

For instance, law enforcement agencies can use the tool as a monitoring system to improve daily operations or the quality of Police reports, and road infrastructure owners can easily identify areas with higher risk of traffic accidents and adopt measures to improve road safety.

The analytical map will be developed with an innovative GLayer technology (developed by InnoConnect). GLayer makes it simple to understand complex data, by visual analysis through interactive maps and charts. GLayer focuses on interactive visualisation of big & complex multidimensional spatial data through linked views. It relies on WebGL and uses the scalable power of multiple parallel GPUs to render millions of records in miliseconds.

The analytical map will contain both historical and real-time (if real-time data is available) reporting of incidents, can become a part of a traffic management centre and dashboards and will provide specific ‘views’ / analyses of the incidents data so that an operator can immediately see the result of the analysis.

Local partners involved in the project:

  1. G and Y Engineering consult PLC
  2. Addis Ababa City Administration Traffic Management Agency

The project “Safer Roads in Ethiopia through Identification of High-risk Locations” is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.