DUET Digital Twins Finalist at EU Conference of Ministers for Public Sector Transformation

We’re pleased to announce that DUET, the digital twins innovation project that InnoConnect participates in, was shortlisted as a finalist in the “Tech for Government Pitch” competition, sponsored by the French National Institute of Public Service in celebration of Frances take-over of the EU Presidency.

Digital Flanders, the Coordinator of DUET, presented today the city digital twin solution to the Ministers of EU member states responsible for Public Transport Transformation via a short film and pitch. See the video here.

Mr Lieven Raes and Mr Raf Buyle from Digital Flanders responded to the challenge by showcasing how DUET virtual 3D city replicas leverage both historic and real-time data sources to help public administration to make better evidence-based operational decisions and longer-term policy choices.

Read the Press Release here.